Levi Harris


Vanessa Craft



Back row: Dareous Thomas, Jonathan Clinton, Jarrod Byrd, Antonio Figueras

Front row: Cadyn Coddington, Camden Harris, Nick Denner

Junior Varsity

Back row: David Holscher, Carter Wiedman, Lolly Moon-Walker

Front row: Monica Rush, Kerria Hurst, Jake Gilmore, Oliver Hansen

Team Schedule/Standings


Varsity Standings after wk7

JV Standings after wk7

Weekly Player Spotlight

Lolly Moon-Walker

First thing great game tonight by Lolly!!! I believe that would be her highest game while being in the program. Lolly has been in the program for 2 years now. I'm shocked she didnt give her old coach a hard time for a pic tonight but I love to see her smiling!! I was so proud of her tonight and the work she's been putting in with coach Vanessa!! I truly always enjoy talking to Lolly about her school, classes, or just her day in general. She is stubborn sometimes but has a huge heart! She made everyone on the team, team bracelets and I make sure to wear mine every week!! Otherwise I get in trouble!!! LOL  Hopefully next year we can recruit a few more girls and have that girls team I wish we had for the young ladies on the team!!! 

Team Announcements/Results from last wk

Great Week!!! Seen some of the best scores out of the JV team!!!!! 

Congrats to Varsity for a great come back win to secure reg season conference championship!!!!!!

Special Thank you!!!!

Would like to say THANK YOU!!

We would like to say thank you again to the 40 & 8 group who generously donated money to the program to get team t-shirts for match days and alittle extra for a party or something. Thank you from the bottom of our heart we truly appericate it and everything you do in the community!!!!

Youth Tournaments